Learn More about the Exciting Game Capsa Susun

Capsa Susun is actually an online application card game which has gained huge popularity. Apart fromCapsaSusun, you can also play many other card games. The Capsa game has a number of cool features like Bank system, Friend system, Redeem Code system, Album system and VIP system which you can try out. The game is not only exciting but also allows you to make friends with the rest of the card game lovers. It is extremely easy to play and helps to test your luck, skill and strategies. The simple key is to arrange 13 cards into sets of 3. It helps you to attain the highest point.So, start playing CapsaSusun today and get the feel of intense gaming.

Tricks to play

The word Capsa means thirteen. Cara bermain Capsa is very simple. This game is normally played by 4 people in total. All you require to play is a set of 52 cards without the Joker. While starting the game, all 52 cards are distributed to the four players each having 13 cards. Usually, 4 players are involved, but two players can also play. When four players are involved, 13 cards are distributed first in sets of 3 cards, then 5 cards and again the last set of 5 cards. Once the players have arranged the cards, the system starts comparing as per the set sequence. The player having the strongest set is the winner. Here the highest card is 2 and the lowest is 3.

Attractive features

The reason why this card gambling game CapsaSusunhas been well-accepted by most people is, it offers a lot of attractive features like:

  • It is one of the highly popular card game in Asia
  • You can download it for free and no registration is needed
  • You get the opportunity to play against millions of expert players
  • You get to enjoy its exclusive cool features that makes the session interesting
  • Easily defeat your opponents and become the master
  • You get the chance to win millions of free coins

Capsa in Indonesia

The Asian poker game CapsaSusun has become highly popular in Indonesia. The country has come up with a huge collection of online gambling games, CapsaSusun is one of them. It is similar to the poker game Arizona and is very easy to play. The Indonesian have gladly accepted this card game and referred it to their friends too. This interesting game has a lot of fan followers. This not only helps you to kill time but you can also make easy money with it. Enrich your experience by playing with the masters of this game worldwide. The more you play the better are your chances to improve your skills. In Indonesia, these online gambling games are mushrooming like anything. People have adapted them as an exciting way to kill time and earn real money. So, if you are one of them you want to indulge in this game, you should firstly know Cara bermainCapsa.